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*Once upon... a Rainbow*
Ponyville: MLPs from Generation3!


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* G3 MLPs *
*GlobeTrotter's Scrabook*

What could I say? They are adorable. No matter how pearly, sparkly and multicoloured they are, they remind me of early G1 My Little Ponies. I like them as much as I like the early 80's variations and I like them better than several mid-80s G1 ponies. My fave ones? Hmm... Butterscotch, Pinky Pie and Winter Snow. And I've chosen an extra promotional Minty as my new globetrotting mascotte.
I'm obviously talking about the new MLPs. =:-p I'm so obsessed with them that I keep a scrapbook with their pics/scans etc and at the senile age of 22 - Oh! oh! - I even play with them. They're a better antistress than Rubik's cube and even more colourful. And they... are... ADDICTING! ^0^ Mwahahaha!


* Butterscotch *
My first G3 variation! n_n

Gotta catch 'em all!

Summer 2003 US promo ponies!

Euro Season ponies