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*Once upon... a Rainbow*
All about me!


About MLP
* Early variations *
* MLPs around the world *
* G3 MLPs *
*GlobeTrotter's Scrabook*

How many ponies do you have?

Uhm, 500-ish not counting G2, G3, plushies, etc


Whats your best loved pony?

Majesty made in Italy. ^.^


And your favourite pony?

Minty (1982). Green's my fave colour.


That was the following question!



Your best liked ponies?

Collector ponies. And early ponies in general. =)


Your least liked ponies?

Twinkle-eyed ponies. They scare me. And BBEs. @_@


Your best find/deal ever?

Uhm, my French alternate Cotton Candy with blue hair...



I've been scammed a few times...


Do you collect G2 ponies?

Only the ones I like. Mainly European ones. Does anybody want my set of Ivy variations? O.o


Finally, do you have a life beside MLPs & internet?

Err... Yes?

So, tell us something about your non-MLP related life...
Hmm.. okay...
I'm vegan, a scientific pantheist, indigo child, an INtP, IQ = 148, bibliophile & antique book collector, voluteering for animal rights,


Drinking beer, writing, research, photography, extreme sports, hiking in the woods, travelling.


Your most treasured belongings:

My brain, my dignity, my freedom.


Weapon of choice?


Are you a child or a woman?

Old ladies that listen to me say I am a grown-up woman in an innocent childs body. And when hormones challenge me, I feel a lost child in a horny womans body.


Everybody can hacker your computer But only the One will hacker my heart. ^.^ (not that I mind a threesome but you got what I mean.)